When business change occurs—an acquisition or global expansion, an IFRS conversion, the adoption of new standards for lease accounting, a regulatory review or restatement, to name only a few—a company will often find itself facing a bewildering array of complex, time-sensitive accounting issues, each of which could have a significant impact on its financials and operations. That’s why having an advisor like Trust Audit on your side is critical. We take the time to get to know your unique business and use this knowledge for your further growth.

Most businesses today are looking to solve two key challenges — improving business performance and cost reduction. This dual objective can deliver significant benefits and position to your organization and secure a more competitive profile for it.

To help you meet these interconnected challenges and achieve your potential we offer the services of our experienced and skilled team.

So whether your focus is on transforming your business or on sustaining performance and building on your achievements, we can help you improve the performance and effectiveness of your business.

Growing businesses need advisers they can trust. They need experience and expertise so that, as they grow, they can rely on advice to deal with situations. Similarly, with more mature international businesses, trust is at the heart of the relationship. Working with business advisers can help steer the company through current or potential issues. Today’s achievement is tomorrow’s expectation.

Specific legislation

  • RA law on Audit Activity
  • RA law on Accounting
  • RA Law on combating money laundering and terrorism financing


  • International standards on auditing and quality control
  • International financial reporting Standards (IFRSs)
  • International accounting standards
  • Interpretations developed by the international Financial reporting Interpretations committee (IFRIC)

Tax legislation

  • RA law on Taxes
  • RA law on VAT
  • RA law on Profit Tax
  • RA law on Income Tax
  • RA law on Excise Tax
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